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Admitting to a lack of confidence in the workplace is tantamount to conceding your next promotion, so who would outright do that? But a lack of confidence, especially among women, also means employees not giving their full potential to your organisation.
That’s why offering Confidence training as part of people’s personal development makes smart business sense, especially when it comes to thinking about your female talent pipeline and closing the gender gap. Composure Media focuses on Confidence training by drawing on our many years of experience reporting on network news, broadcasting live to millions of people.
Everyone can suffer from lack of confidence and imposter syndrome so we work with mixed groups of men and women, however Women-Only workshops are a popular choice. We also run men-only workshops.

This interactive, hands-on workshop can be adapted for small groups, away-days or one-to-ones. Some of the elements covered include:

  • An introduction to the 3 categories of confidence
  • Personal Branding
  • Elevator Pitches
  • Thinking critically
  • Presenting with confidence


Designed specifically for senior personnel, each carefully tailored training day combines practical exercises with the insights needed to deal with the media at the best of times as well as in moments of crisis. Framed against the background of your particular needs, each session will show you how to build a closer working relationship with your target media and gain a full understanding of how journalists operate.

The day will help you:

  • Work out the essential questions you should ask before agreeing to any interview
  • Understand how journalists think and what they are looking for
  • Guide you on how to make journalists more interested in what you have to say
  • Anticipate the most difficult questions
  • Give you tactics to help you communicate what you want to say
  • Prepare you to make the most of the interview
  • Explain the importance of body language for TV
  • Give you tips on calming your nerves and being composed


Whether it’s a speech or presentation, we’ll start coaching you before you’ve written your first draft and right up to and including the day of your event.

We will teach you:

  • How to understand your audience
  • How to engage your audience and keep their attention
  • How to communicate your message clearly
  • How to make what you say memorable

Once you’ve drafted your speech or presentation we can:

  • Help organize and edit the content for fine tuning
  • Rehearse with you focusing on delivery and body language
  • Give you tips on calming your nerves and being composed


When you have 30 seconds to make the best impression at a networking event or when you bump into your ideal client, you need to know how to deliver an exceptional elevator pitch in the most natural way.

Sharing examples of pitches and using role playing to practice, we’ll show you:

  • How to turn your pitch into a connection
  • How to think about your audience
  • How to follow-up your pitch


Whether you’re arranging a large global conference for a multi-national audience, or producing a one-off internal company gathering of staff, it’s crucial that the event runs smoothly, on time and importantly stays on message. We’ve moderated and facilitated a cross-section of different events, engaging audiences whilst making them memorable and enjoyable.


Get your key messages across in a professional video to embed on your website or post on social media.

Our service includes:

  • Pre-production; from a storyboard to arranging interviews and choosing the best locations.
  • Filming on location with our producers and crew
  • Coaching of interviewees to get the best soundbites
  • Post-production; from transcribing interviews, writing the script, editing and professional voiceover
  • One set of changes after initial viewing